Dates for Lea Close Hunter Trials 2019

Sunday July 7th

Dates For X Country Open Days 2019

Saturday 13th July
Saturday 3rd August 
Saturday 21st September

 Only £15 per horse, no time limit on course with over 60 x country jumps 30,cm up to 95,cm, up hill training & water.

You must were a body proctor and jockey scull, ride in pairs or a buddy on foot i.c.e. 

Phone or text 0781,333,1481 to book.

Lea Close Hunter Trials

70,cm 80,cm class and 80 cm pairs are Qualifiers for Eland Lodge
To be ridden in open fields with x country fences. Classes to include,
None competitive Clear Round 50,cm full course £15 per round and lead-rein short course.£10 per round (Rosette to every entry).
Competitive 50,cm 60,cm 70,cm 80,cm. Trophy 🏆 to the winner of each class prizes to 3rd place and rosettes to 6th. £20 entry fee
80,cm Pairs medal to pairs winners prizes to 3rd and rosettes to 6th place £15 per horse (£30 to enter pair)
please bring x country bibs for numbers.
All competitors take part at there own risk. body protectors and jockey sculls must be worn or no entry.

Enter with or on the day

(We have limited bibs for hire at £10 refundable deposit, so first come first served. )

Clear with closest to optimum time wins in all classes, timed element is from start to fence 8,
Class 50,cm 60,cm & 70,cm have a splash through water, 80 & 80,cm pairs step down and step out.

These Hunter trials will be run with Lea Close Farm Equestrian Rules for Hunter Trials.

The winners will be determined riders clear the whole x country course and closest to the optimum time (same time faults either way if optimum time) through the timed element.
Judges decision is final.
Running times will be released on the day.
Whilst competitors are expected to complete the course at a fair hunting speed the
only timed section on the course is as marked on the course plan.

Riders must ensure that they WALK to the Starting Box and away from the
Finish Line. This is to ensure that competitors on the course are not impeded in
anyway. If anyone is deemed to be riding recklessly through the gateway, either
before or after completing the course, they will be disqualified.

Competitors retiring from any part of the Course shall leave the course
at a WALK and shall take every precaution to avoid disturbing other competitors.

If an official feels that the horse/pony or rider is unfit to continue after a fall
the competitor will be asked to retire.
A rider must not be allowed to remount after a fall if there is any element of
doubt as to their fitness, irrespective of the wishes of their parents, trainers etc.
If a rider has a second fall, they must retire.

Jumping Penalties

First refusal, stop, circle before presenting to
a fence or run-out at an obstacle 20 points
Second refusal, circle or run-out at an obstacle 40 points
Third refusal, circle or run-out at an obstacle Elimination

Other Penalties

Fall of horse and/or rider anywhere on the course Elimination
Error of course Elimination
Retaking an obstacle already jumped Elimination

Please note whistles are used to move competitors on to clear the way for other competitors.

The course will be available for inspection after 3.00pm
On Friday all day Saturday before the event.
The course can be walked on the day but shall take every precaution to avoid disturbing other competitors.

Entries on the day. Or Enter with

Conditions of EntryNeither the event organiser, landowners nor any person acting on their behalf can accept responsibility for any loss, damage, accident or injury to horses, ponies, riders or any other persons or property whatsoever.

Current standard Body protectors and Jockey Skull hats are compusarly.
Horses/Ponies may not be ridden in more than two classes, excluding pairs.
No horse or pony may be ridden by more than one competitor in each class.
The decision of the judge is final in all classes.
Competitors to wear x country colours or smart entire
A rider will not be allowed to continue on the course after two falls.
In the event of a fall if an official feels that the horse/pony or rider is unfit to continue they will ask the competitor to leave the course.
Any complaints should be made to the event organiser.