£40 per horse per week for DIY livery

Livery includes: stable, grazing, unlimited hay/ haylage, full use of Lea Close Farm facilities, turn out of horse five days a week. Trailer parking is also included  

If you require holiday livery, long or short term, this can be arranged as well as exercising.

Breaking and schooling is also available


'I have been at Lea Close Farm for 5 years and have never been on a more friendly yard.  Everyone is very supportive of each other and offers advice to each other when needed. The yard is very well ran and well maintained with fantastic facilities.  Now there are also friendly competitions been run from the yard offering great support and encouragement.  These are great to enter for a confidence boost with fantastic support from everyone involved.  I couldn't ask for a better yard to keep my horses on and know they are in safe hands.'      

Michelle Ryan

'We came to Lea Close with my 9 year old daughter's first pony. We weren't a 'horsey' family, she'd only had lessons at a local riding school. We didn't have much of a clue and our new naughty pony knew it! I didn't think we'd last a month with him as he used every naughty trick he had to put us off, but with the advice and help of everyone at Lea Close we managed. That was 6 years ago and Lea Close has become our second home. Things have changed quite a bit and now my 15 year old daughter has 2 horses, competing successfully at BE. The facilities mean she has everything she needs (room to set up a dressage arena, show jumps and acres of fields for fitness training, as well as XC jumps to pop). The one thing that hasn't changed in 6 years is the friendliness of everyone, who are genuinely happy to celebrate other people's successes, however large or small. We're still at Lea Close after 6 years, which says it all.'

                                                                                            Andrea Cox



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